The first few weeks after the initiation of the lockdown system, many small and medium enterprises shut their doors never to open again. Others are strained at operating yet seemingly are finding new ways. As one scrolls and surfs through cyber space it is testing not to notice the number of businesses that proceed to pop up. Not to say this is a new trend, however most have now made use of these spaces.  The sudden changes across the globe brought on much transformation towards the future of entrepreneurship, to mention just one aspect, and start-ups. Through this process, as any business it is most wise and recommended to know what works best for your business and where to improve during such times so not to shoot your own foot.

Digital Marketing

Research shows that digital marketing is a canopy word for several technological platforms used on and offline to market ones trade. Strategically selecting the most favourable channels and tools is key to the success of the business as the nature of the medium used is already preselected by the nature of the business’ audience. This also means being mindful of your customers and potentials.

Staying at an equivalent level as competitors may mean having all hands on deck on multiple platforms. Most business have made perfect use of their SEO and website tools to stay ahead and be in the front line during online searches. Some tools that have proven effective include:

  • Content curation and creation
  • Promotions on social media
  • Virtual Videos

Social Media as a counterpart

The use of social media spaces to enhance business visibility and also for marketing purposes increases each day and for some businesses has proven much useful. Brands are built and developed through social media as it provides much rapid responses in comparison to most digital tools. Yet still, to maximise and achieve goals the presence of other digital platform must not be overlooked.

The versus

With all given information it is only emphatic to mention how social media is just a part of all digital marketing. To use one is to use part of the other which may not produce maximum results in returns. As a recap on both utilities:

  • Social media includes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube teamed up with online advertising. Accurate content and strategy is used towards its accomplishment. On the other hand digital marketing is rotated content via billboards and banner advertisement.
  • Digital marketing involves a much larger and accurate tool base compared to social media which falls under these tools. To reach a much larger pool for audience sake digital marketing has demonstrated a much more profitable margin.

All the best.

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