The preaching of ‘spring cleaning’ has been done for years and this has left one to think, why not clean-up for winter too? And so we’ve come up with a couple tips to help out with the ‘How To’ on that.

Aesthetic reshuffle

To begin, this doesn’t need you to fully refurnish your space, however just keep all the warm fleeces close by. To retouch your home with a little winter aesthetic makes it feel homier and makes for easy access to your favourite blankets. Dust these babies out and throw them over your chairs and couches strategically around the rooms you use most throughout the season. This is also great for outside gardens or home offices since most have resorted to working from home too. Whilst shuffling around, pay attention to the colours that bring warmth into the space and play around with those.

What the doctors prescribed

An underestimated action is keeping the medicine cabin cleaned out. Now, since we’re still knee-deep into a global pandemic this is highly recommended. This doesn’t only apply to over the counter medication but also easy home remedy ingredients. Stock up on the basics – ginger, garlic, lemons and honey- then top up with your vitamins to keep your immune strong and body wholesome. Throw away anything you haven’t used in a while, we’ll go for three months for safety, regardless of the expiry date. Also keep a water bottle near you, nothing better to keep hydrated and away from dry skin during winter.

PS: Tea and/or coffee are part of the top 5 for this list.

Final touch of Chi

Hot water bottles!!! Yes! But for now we’ll focus on keeping a clear space. Pack away the items that will be least used (if at all) for the duration of winter. This will minimize the clutter and keep your home cosy fresh. This is not specific to any item pieces but an all-rounder. Packing up unused items doesn’t mean throwing them away, it just means they aren’t as necessary as before. This will aid in keeping a dust free home and also maintain good energy and comfort.

Love and light to all.




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